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to think

to ponder

to understand

to conceive

to imagine

to assume

to suppose

to judge

to prove

to distinguish

to differentiate

to convince

to persuade

to deliberate

to consider

to doubt

to remember

to remind

to forget

to perceive

to feel

to move

to impress

to want

to wish (for)

to decide

to hesitate

to aspire

to like

to love

to be in love

to trust

to rely on

to distrust (משהו ומישהו)

to mistrust (מישהו)

to pity

to have pity (on)

to be angry

to get angry

to anger

to excite

to encourage

to soothe

to rejoice

to be happy

to cheer up

to please

to satisfy

to laugh

to smile

to joke

to desire

to hope

to expect

to surprise

to astonish

to amaze

to wonder

to worry

to (cause) worry

to long for

to miss

to despair

to discourage

to regret

to mourn

to grieve

to sadden

to offend

to insult

to hurt

to bear

to suffer

to sigh

to cry

to moan

to sob

to complain

to comfort

to console

to fear

to frighten

to scare

to dread

to terrify

to panic

to dream

to confuse

to hallucinate

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