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to fall ill/sick

to be ill/sick

to suffer

to hurt, to ache

to hurt (someone)

to injure

to wound

to catch a cold

to cough

to sniff

to sneeze

to spit

to be sick

to vomit,

to throw up

to perspire

to sweat

to shiver

to dislocate

to break

to itch

to scratch

to rub

to bleed

to clot

to infect

to give (someone) (e.g. chickenpox)

to catch (illness/disease)

to be/get infected

to affect

to break out

to spread

to contaminate

to make an appointment

to see a doctor

to examine

to take (someone’s) blood pressure/pulse

to refer

to diagnose

to treat

to prescribe

to consult

to immunize/se

to vaccinate

to get a jab (GB)

to get a shot (US)

to inject

to give a shot (US)

to give a jab (GB)

to dress

to disinfect

to limp

to faint

to resuscitate

to lose consciousness

to regain consciousness

to operate

to stitch

to transplant

to relieve

to soothe

to cure

to heal

to feel better

to get better (US)

to improve

to get worse (US)

to recover

to recuperate

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