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to eat

to drink

to feed

to have breakfast

to have lunch

to have dinner

to dine

to snack

to like

to be hungry

to be thirsty

to be starving

to starve

to chew

to swallow

to suck

to nibble

to bite

to lick

to taste

to savo(u)r

to spit

to puke

to throw up

to vomit

to cook

to bake

to knead

to ice (cake)

to fry

to braise

to grill

to broil (US)

to roast

to roast (nuts & seeds)

to toast

to melt (e.g. cheese, chocolate)

to dissolve (something)

to boil

to steam

to soak

to freeze

to melt (e.g. ice)

to salt

to pepper

to spice

to season

to flavo(u)r

to marinate

to pickle

to grate

to grind

to mince (GB)

to puree

to mash

to crush

to peel

to slice

to cut (cut, cut)

to chop

to carve

to crumble

to pour

to stir

to mix

to set the table

to clear the table

to order

to serve

to diet

to weigh

to measure

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