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to furnish

to varnish

to polish

to upholster

to renovate

to do up

to assemble

to disassemble

to dismantle

to paint

to decorate

to (wall)paper

to hang

to make the bed

to change the bedding/sheets

to use

to switch/turn

to switch/turn off

to turn on/off (tap)

to light

to blow out

to work (machine)

to break down

to damage

to check

to connect

to repair

to fix

to iron

to heat

to be heated

to burn

to lay/set the table

to clear the table

to clear (away) dishes

to clear up

to fill

to empty

to be emptied (out)

to pour

to uncork

to cut

to chop

to stir

to shake

to sift

to sieve

to strain

to drain (colander)

to skim

to clean

to tidy up

to dust

to wipe

to brush

to rub

to scrape

to scour

to sweep

to scrub

to scrub

to rinse

to wash

to wash up

to wash the dishes

to launder

to do the laundry

to spin-dry

to wring (out)

to hammer a nail

to nail

to screw

to unscrew

to saw ( US)

to file

to drill

to wash (GB)

to wash up (US)

to have a wash

to brush (one’s) teeth

to brush (one’s) hair

to comb (one’s) hair

to do (one’s) hair

to have a shave

to shave

to shave (e.g legs, beard)

to have/take a shower

to have/take a bath

to dry

to dry (oneself)

to get dry ( US)

to put on make-up

to apply make-up

to remove

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