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to drive (see also no. 48 + 50)

to start up

to accelerate

to brake

to slow down

to honk

to hoot

to stop

to yield (US)

to give way

to cross

to turn

to signal

to indicate (GB)

to overtake (GB)

to pass (US)

to park

to reverse (the person)

to reverse (the vehicle)

to direct

to tow

to fill up

to move

to ride (bike see also no. 49)

to pedal

to service

to break down (car)

to repair

to transport

to fly

to take off

to land

to fasten

to unfasten

to launch

to row

to hoist sails

to lower sails

to sail

to get on/off

to board

to embark/disembark

to get in(to) ( got, got/gotten (US))

to get out of

to steer

to navigate

to man(o)euver/re

to moor

to (cast/drop) anchor

to weigh anchor

to carry

to travel (במכונית)

to drive (במכונית)

to ride (US)

to drive (someone)

to go on a trip

to go on a journey

to go by train

to hitchhike

to go on holiday/vacation

to book

to reserve

to hire (GB חוץ מחדרים)

to rent

to check-in

to leave

to be delayed

to depart

to arrive

to reach

to stay

to lodge

to visit

to tour

to explore

to discover

to miss

to spend/pass time

to crash

to collide

to derail

to sink

to be capsized

to rescue

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