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to (tele)phone

to call

to dial

to press

to ring

to pick up

to put down (the phone)

to hold the line

to hang up

to text

to send an SMS

to charge ( battery)

to fax

to transmit

to broadcast

to listen

to watch

to connect/disconnect (something)

to connect/disconnect (to something)

to turn on

to turn off

to switch off

to shut down (רק לגבי מחשבים)

to reset

to (re)boot

to restart

to type

to click

to double-click

to right-click

to scroll (down/up)

to open

to save

to quit

to close

to delete

to copy

to cut

to paste

to email

to send

to attach

to compress

to zip

to extract

to surf (the internet)

to browse

to log in

to log out

to sign up

to download

to upload

to import

to export

to install

to customize/se

to run [a program(me)]

to launch

to back up

to store

to retrieve

to program (US)

to programme (GB)

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