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to tame

to domesticate

to stroke

to pet

to train

to breed

to raise

to feed

to fatten

to hunt

to fish

to bite

to scratch

to trot

to gallop

to fly

to flutter

to swim

to creep

to crawl

to jump

to climb

to sting

to lie in wait for

to gnaw

to attack

to trap

to pounce

to swoop down

to lay eggs

to bark

to chase

to camouflage

to growl

to mew

to purr

to neigh

to bray

to low

to moo

to bleat

to grunt

to squeal

to roar

to howl

to croak

to squeak

to cackle

to cluck

to crow

to quack

to tweet

to twitter

to whistle

to coo

to squawk

to hoot

to buzz

to chirp

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