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to play

to participate

to take part

to join in

to compete

to substitute

to replace

to train

to coach

to train (oneself)

to stay in shape

to stay/keep fit

to breathe

to rest

to score (a goal)

to score (a basket)

to score (points)

to assist

to let in (a goal)

to concede (a goal)

to (slam)-dunk

to lead

to tie-up (US)

to equalise (GB)

to tie

to draw

to win

to lose

to fail

to beat

to defeat

to qualify for (ליגה, טורניר)

to get through to (לשלב בתחרות)

to be relegated

to disqualify

to be disqualified

to break a record

to improve

to face

to catch

to throw

to shoot

to kick

to head

to pass

to dribble

to bounce

to juggle (football)

to foul

to tackle

to pick (basketball)

to block (basketball)

to hit (hit, hit)

to bowl

to serve

to swim

to dive

to sail

to row

to surf

to run

to jump

to jump

to jog

to race

to skate

to ski

to climb

to ride

to box

to wrestle

to pull

to push

to cheer

to applaud

to support

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