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to educate

to provide education

to teach

to manage, to run

to run

to attend

to praise

to encourage

to tell off

to reprimand

to punish

to reward

to discipline

to lecture

to explain

to ask

to answer

to reply

to correct

to check

to study

to learn

to research

to know

to draw

to paint

to colo(u)r in

to glue

to staple

to sing

to think

to understand

to read

to write

to look up (in a dictionary)

to spell

to pronounce

to repeat

to review (US)

to revise (GB)

to prepare

to memorize/se

to learn by heart

to translate

to remember

to forget

to calculate

to train (someone)

to train (yourself)

to practice/se

to take (a test...)

to sit (for) (a test...)

to pass (a test...)

to succeed

to fail

to copy

to cheat

to listen

to be silent (was/were, been)

to shut up (ל"ד)

to be quiet

to chatter

to play hooky (US)

to ditch (US)

to bunk off (GB)

to skive off

to drop out

to enroll (US)

to enrol (GB)

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