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to work

to manage

to employ

to be employed

to hire

to fire

to dismiss

to lay off

to resign

to look for a job

to retire

to produce

to manufacture

to initiate

to start

to finance

to fund

to make

to launch

to market

to advertise

to trade

to buy

to purchase

to sell

to auction

to bid

to tender

to bid for a tender

to import

to export

to distribute

to earn

to make money

to leverage

to boost

to accumulate

to lose

to owe

to pay

to pay off

to repay

to pay back

to refund

to give back

to return

to change (big units for small)

to convert

to save

to invest

to borrow

to lend

to loan ( US)

to agree

to sign

to forge

to bounce

to deposit

to pay in (GB)

to take money out

to withdraw

to spend

to waste

to cost

to charge

to credit

to increase

to rise

to put up

to raise

to reduce (price)

to cutback

to reduce

to lower

to decline

to drop

to fall

to slump

to crash

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