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good morning

good afternoon!

good evening!

good night!




how are you?, how are you doing?

fine, not (too) bad

how’s it going?, what’s up?, how’s things?

nice to meet you!, pleased to meet you!

goodbye!, see you (soon/later)!, bye (bye)!, take care, catch you later


thank you (very much), thanks (a lot), ta

many thanks!

you’re welcome! , don’t mention it!, not at all!

excuse me, pardon (me), sorry

I’m sorry

bless you!

have a nice meal!, enjoy your meal!


have a nice/good day!

have a nice/good week!

Happy new year!

fast well! , have a good fast! , have an easy fast!

good yom tov!

happy birthday!

merry christmas!

good luck!

have a good holiday! (GB), have a good vacation! (US)

have a good time!


have a safe/good journey/trip!


well done!

warmest congratulations

best wishes

best wishes for a speedy recovery

may I…, can I... , could I…?

would you like…?

let me…, allow me…

with your permission

ms. smith

mrs. smith

miss. smith




ladies and gentlemen!

dear mr./mrs./miss/ms. smith

dear sir/madam

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