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to sue

to file a lawsuit

to be prosecuted

to prosecute

to put on trial

to start legal proceedings

to charge (רשמית)

to accuse

to bring to trial

to be brought to trial

to be tried for

to be on trial for

to judge

to try

to summon

to be a witness to

to witness

to testify

to arrest

to swear

to question (in court)

to examine

to cross-examine

to interrogate

to be interrogated

to question (by police)

to doubt

to question

to steal

to rob

to burglarize (US)

to burgle

to break into

to embezzle

to forge

to bribe

to swindle

to deceive

to libel (בכתב)

to slander (בעל פה)

to blackmail

to extort

to assault

to attack

to hit

to harass

to rape

to kidnap

to stab

to shoot

to kill

to murder

to commit

to plead guilty

to plead not guilty

to deny

to confess

to admit

to defend

to rule

to find (someone) guilty

to find (someone) not guilty

to convict

to be convicted

to sentence to

to condemn

to appeal

to petition

to punish

to fine

to compensate

to imprison

to execute

to outlaw

to deport

to extradite

to stay

to pardon

to commute

to acquit

to release

to free

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