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to believe

to worship

to pray, to daven (ל"ד בין יהודים - Jewish)

to praise

to respect

to venerate, to revere

to be revealed

to bow one’s head

to bow down

to kneel

to vow

to profess

to observe

to celebrate

to give a sermon

to preach

to prophesy

to console

to bless

to fast

to forgive

to confess

to sacrifice

to baptize

to circumcise

to sin

to transgress

to desecrate

to become newly religious

to be reborn, to be born again

to repent

to doubt

to convert (oneself)

to convert to Judaism

to convert to Christianity

to convert to Islam

to convert (someone) to

to convert (someone) to Judaism

to convert (someone) to Christianity

to convert (someone) to Islam

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