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to establish (relations)

to break off (relations)

to cooperate (לעבוד ביחד)

to collaborate (לעזור לאוייב)

to betray

to defect (ממדינה)

to desert (מצבא)

to spy

to oppose

to protest

to demonstrate

to rebel against

to revolt

to rebel

to rise (up)

to overthrow

to hijack

to kidnap(p)

to abduct

to breach

to violate

to declare war on

to wage war

to break out ( war, battle etc)

to defend

to entrench

to fight

to attack

to storm

to carry out

to sink

to shoot down

to land

to invade

to bombard

to shell

to bomb

to destroy

to kill

to wound

to plunder

to loot

to besiege

to lay siege to

to raise siege

to impose a curfew

to lift a curfew

to conquer

to occupy

to annex

to seize control (באמצעות כח פתאומי)

to gain control

to overcome

to win

to defeat

to free (אנשים)

to liberate (מדינה)

to rescue

to surrender

to pursue

to catch

to capture

to escape

to flee

to retreat

to withdraw

to evacuate

to expel

to agree to a truce (US)

to agree a truce (GB)

to intervene

to negotiate

to demand

to claim reparations

to sign

to respect

to ratify

to give up

to give back

to recognize/se

to guarantee

to abrogate

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