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to live

to breathe

to move

to raise

to lift

to turn

to shake

to sit

to stand

to bend

to bend over

to bend forward

to stoop

to crouch

to lie down

to sleep

to wake up

to get up

to come

to go

to go in

to go out

to go down

to go up

to go backward(s)

to go forward(s)

to walk

to step

to run

to hurry

to stop

to rest

to look (like)

to seem

to grow

to get fat(ter)

to put on weight

to gain weight

to get thinner

to lose weight

to exercise

to perspire

to sweat

to go to the toilet (GB)

to go to the bathroom (US)

to smile

to chuckle

to giggle

to laugh

to blush

to comb one’s hair

to brush

to braid (US)

to plait (GB)

to brush one’s teeth

to sneeze

to yawn

to belch

to burp

to hiccup

to spit

to swallow

to cry

to sob

to shed a tear

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