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Basics of Biblical Hebrew

If you want to know where you can learn the basics of Biblical Hebrew, you've come to the right place!

Biblical Hebrew Guide

Whether you want to learn the basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar, the ancient Hebrew alphabet, the meaning of the weekly Biblical portion, where you can read the entire Old Testament online in Hebrew or in English, where you can watch YouTube videos that provide Biblical Hebrew lessons and introduce you to the world of Biblical studies, or whether you simply want to expand your knowledge of Biblical Hebrew figures, Biblical Hebrew history, Biblical Hebrew geography and archaeology, or become familiar with classic Biblical Hebrew stories, this is your handy Biblical Hebrew guide and one-stop source of information about the topic of learning Biblical Hebrew.

Hebrew Bible
More and more individuals across the globe are taking an interest in the Hebrew Bible, looking for English Hebrew Bible translations, Hebrew English Bible translations, audio Hebrew Bibles, free online transliterations of the Bible text, how to learn Biblical Hebrew, where to learn Hebrew for free, how to read Hebrew, Hebrew words and their meanings, online Hebrew Bible texts, Biblical Hebrew dictionaries, how to say the word "God" in Hebrew, finding out their Hebrew name, how to recite Hebrew prayer blessings, and much more regarding the Torah in Hebrew, the Old Testament, and the Hebrew Scriptures.

Learning Biblical Hebrew Resources
Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of modern-day resources for learning the basics of Biblical Hebrew! Whether you want to read the Torah in its original Hebrew, learn the original meanings of ancient Hebrew words, listen to Hebrew, find the best Hebrew-English translations of the Old Testament, learn about Biblical Hebrew poem and prose, or become an expert in Biblical Hebrew grammar and vocabulary, here are some of the many options available to you today:

  • Free online Biblical Hebrew lessons
  • Free downloadable Biblical Hebrew toolbar (allowing you to read the entire Old Testament online and to study the weekly Torah portion)
  • Biblical Hebrew videos
  • Biblical Hebrew software
  • Study of Biblical names, including their meanings and historical background
  • Weekly Biblical verses sent directly to your email
  • Biblical Hebrew dictionaries
  • Biblical Hebrew newsletters
  • Biblical Hebrew blogs
  • Websites where you can search Bible verses
  • Biblical Hebrew virtual teachers 
  • Biblical Hebrew flashcards
  • Biblical Hebrew vocabulary lists
  • Biblical Hebrew research (including debates regarding the Bible Code, research of Hebrew roots, and the cultural, philosophical, and theological roots of the Hebrew language)

Biblical Hebrew for Beginners
If you want to learn the Bible in its original Hebrew and study the Hebrew Scriptures deeply and accurately, you will first need to master the basics of Biblical Hebrew and learn the Hebrew alphabet, including consonants of Biblical Hebrew, vowels of Biblical Hebrew, roots of Biblical Hebrew words, and how to conjugate Hebrew verbs. There are many books, CDs, and websites which show you how to master basic Hebrew in clear, simple steps. Experience the ancient Bible coming alive as you finally understand what God said to Abraham, what Adam told Eve, how God answered Job, and much more.

Best-Selling Biblical Hebrew Books
When it comes to mastering the ancient Hebrew language, the "gold standard" in the industry is clearly a series of books put out by Zondervan and written by Gary Pratico and Miles Van Pelt on the basics of Biblical Hebrew. Some of their many popular best-selling books include: "English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew," "Charts of Biblical Hebrew," "Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar," "Biblical Hebrew Survival Kit," "The Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew," and "Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Reading the Hebrew Bible."

With the seemingly endless list of convenient resources on the topic of learning Biblical Hebrew in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Old Testament, Torah, or Hebrew Scriptures, you have many opportunities to become a Biblical Hebrew expert as you master Biblical Hebrew at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


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