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English to Hebrew Dictionary

If you're searching for that one-of-a-kind English-to-Hebrew dictionary that suits your specific needs, you've come to the right place!

Types of English to Hebrew Dictionaries

Whether you're looking for free English-to-Hebrew dictionaries online, software which converts English words into Hebrew words, a handheld electronic English-to-Hebrew device, a pocket English-to-Hebrew dictionary with the most common Hebrew phrases and Hebrew slang, or a hardcover dictionary which translates words from English to Hebrew and vice versa, you'll get the full scoop right here.

An English-to-Hebrew dictionary is a must-have tool and handy accessory for language lovers, students of the Hebrew language, tourists and businesspeople embarking on a trip to Israel, and anyone else with an interest in learning Hebrew or understanding the Bible. With the right English-to-Hebrew dictionary by your side, you can increase your Hebrew vocabulary, improve your ability to converse in Hebrew, and show off your quick language-learning skills!

English to Hebrew Top Resources

Below are brief descriptions of some of today's most popular English-to-Hebrew resources. With the growing interest in learning to speak Hebrew and the expanding number of English-to-Hebrew tools available today, you have literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Free Online English-Hebrew Dictionaries

1) http://www.milon.co.il/
Milon is a free English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English dictionary download which allows you to translate any word at the click of a mouse and offers full Web page translation. Simply enter the English word to be translated and instantly receive its Hebrew equivalent.

2) http://translation.babylon.com/english/to-hebrew/
Babylon offers free translation and dictionary software for your desktop, featuring several types of English-to-Hebrew dictionaries, including an English-Hebrew law and business dictionary, English-Hebrew geology terms, English-Hebrew medical dictionary, and many more.

3) http://www.ehebrew.org/
A new online Hebrew dictionary, where you can learn Hebrew for free and increase your vocabulary. Words are organized into distinct topics, teaching students the most common and useful words in each subject. The site also offers a quality monthly newsletter including useful phrase-sheets for free. With over 10,000 terms and growing, www.ehebrew.org looks to be the premier thematically organized Hebrew dictionary on the internet.

4 ) http://www.my-hebrew-dictionary.com/
Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio is an A-Z classification of dozens of English-Hebrew terms, each with an enlargeable thumbnail image and audio transliteration. Sample words include air conditioner, apples, applesauce, backgammon, balloon, banana, and hundreds more.

5) http://www.hebrew-verbs.co.il/
Learn basic Hebrew Verbs, their roots ("shoresh"), and their conjugations with this simple and structured tool, suitable for both beginner and advanced Hebrew-language learners.

6) http://morfix.mako.co.il/
To use the Morfix Dictionary, simply type in a word, phrase, expression, or short sentence in English or Hebrew and receive an instant translation.

7) http://translate.google.co.il/
Google Translator is a hi-tech instantaneous English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English tool allowing you to cut/paste an entire document, Web site, or single word to be translated. It's especially useful for translating articles that you're struggling to understand, but if you want to translate something you wrote yourself, be careful, use it for single words only and not for sentences, as it's not very accurate!

8) http://www.science.co.il/Biomedical-Dictionary.asp
English-Hebrew Dictionary of Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical terms; sponsored by the Israel Science and Technology national database.

9) http://www.dicts.info/dictionary.php?l1=English&l2=Hebrew
A dictionary system interconnecting more than 60 world languages; type a word in the upper text field, press 'Search,', and find its matching dictionary entry.

10) http://www.lingvozone.com/LingvoSoft-Online-English-Hebrew-Dictionary Bottom of Form

LingvoSoft Online English Hebrew features a user-friendly interface, state-of-the-art text-to-speech capabilities allowing you to hear correct word pronunciation, instant reverse translation, memory of your preferred dictionary and translation history, and more.

English-Hebrew Vocabulary Videos

Learn Hebrew - Fruit
Learn Hebrew - The Human Body
The Clock
Learn Hebrew - In the Kitchen
Learn Hebrew - Handheld Items
Learn Hebrew - In the House
Learn Hebrew - Fun and Entertainment Words

Handheld and Pocket Dictionaries

JewishSoftware.com offers the following best-selling products:

1) Hand-Held English-Hebrew Dictionary
2) Hand-Held Eng/Heb Talking Dict, Phrasebook Plus
3) Ben-Yehuda's Pocket English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary

Hardcover Hebrew Dictionaries

Available at Amazon.com and/or bookstores worldwide, here are today's popular picks in hardcover English-Hebrew dictionaries:

- The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary
- Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary: Hebrew/English-English/Hebrew (Transliterated)
- English-Hebrew Hebrew-English: Conversational Dictionary/Romanized [Kindle Edition]
- The Up-To-Date English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary with over 82,000 entries, including new words, new meanings, and new slang words.

English-Hebrew Dictionary by Topic

One of today's hottest English-Hebrew ticket items is the 'topic dictionary' known as "English-Hebrew by Subject" or EHBS. Its topic-based format and accompanying 12-hour audio-CD (which pronounces out loud every single dictionary entry) allow you to become an expert at expressing yourself in Hebrew on a full subject area in a very short time. Check it on: www.engheb.com

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