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Hebrew Translation

The Hebrew Language: Ancient to Contemporary

The quest for Hebrew translation is on the rise as this most ancient world language is not only the original language of the Bible, but Hebrew is the official and expanding language of the modern State of Israel. Increasing numbers of individuals are seeking translator resources from Hebrew to English and vice versa as the global impact and reach of Hebrew continues to grow in the fields of business, economics, science, research, medicine, law, politics, the arts, and more.

As a result, there are many contemporary Hebrew translation resources and tools available to help students, linguists, Bible studiers, politicians, businesspeople, and anyone else with an interest in learning this lingo to understand the Hebrew language – including conversational Hebrew translations, Hebrew document translations, Hebrew newspaper translations, Hebrew radio translations, Hebrew slang translations, ancient Hebrew translations, and Bible translations.

Hebrew Translation Challenges

Since the structure of the Hebrew language differs significantly from the English language, the art of translating one language into the other poses specific challenges. When translating from English into Hebrew and from Hebrew into English, translators must resolve various difficulties posed by the intricacies of the Hebrew language.

1) Hebrew Grammar
Not only is Hebrew grammar distinct for masculine and feminine subjects, but even objects and numbers in Hebrew take on a 'gender.' Similarly, unlike English, verb conjugation in Hebrew takes into account not only the plural form of addressing a group of others, but also whether the composition of the group is masculine or feminine (while English uses the generic "they" or "you," Hebrew differentiates between "hem," "hen," "atem," and "aten.") In order to accurately translate between languages, then, a translator should be well versed in the grammatical rules of the Hebrew language.

2) Written and Printed Hebrew
Materials written in Hebrew (such as newspapers, books, articles, magazines, signs, et cetera) either include or don't include "nikud" (Hebrew punctuation), yet the correct translation and reading of Hebrew nikud greatly affects the interpretation of the material being translated.

3) Verbal and Conversational Hebrew
Finally, in the case of verbal Hebrew translation (i.e. conversational Hebrew or the translation of speeches, lectures, radio, TV, et cetera), a translator must be able to understand the Hebrew accent and pick up on the nuances of the dialect. There are certain letters in Hebrew that sound alike, letters that can be pronounced differently, as well as differentiations in Ashkenazi and Sephardic pronunciations, all of which English speakers can confuse or misinterpret.

Hebrew Translation Resources and Tools

Fortunately, there are myriads of modern-day resources to help you easily translate words, common phrases, slang, documents, and even full Web pages from Hebrew into English and vice versa. From free online Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew dictionaries, Hebrew translation software, handheld electronic translation devices, pocket Hebrew dictionaries, and hardcover Hebrew dictionaries, the list of tools goes on and on. Many Web sites teach you the Hebrew alphabet (including how to pronounce the "Aleph Bet"), Hebrew grammar, how to write Hebrew letters and cursive script, the Hebrew keyboard, and how to type a text with Hebrew characters.

To give you a head start on perfecting your Hebrew language skills, here are some of today's most popular Hebrew translators sites:

http://www.amazon.com/English-Hebrew-Hebrew-English-Conversational-Dictionary-ebook/dp/B00352M9TK http://www.amazon.com/English-Hebrew-Subject-Dictionary-Reference/dp/9659068514

Professional Hebrew Translation Services

If you want to be guaranteed professional, accurate, and culturally sensitive translations, there are many professional Hebrew translation services to meet your needs, all of which promise quick delivery/fast turnaround times, and many of which offer a free, no-obligation price quote. With professional Hebrew translating services you can rest assured that your all-important documents will be handled by experienced Hebrew translators (often native Hebrew speakers) who possess the specialized knowledge required to accurately translate your work while remaining faithful to the intention of the original document and adhering to the grammatical and syntactical complexities of the targeted language. Note that oftentimes Hebrew-to-English translations contract anywhere between 10% and 55%, while English-to-Hebrew documents expand between 20% and 60%.

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