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Best Ways to Learn Hebrew

Looking for the best ways to learn Hebrew? With the hundreds of modern-day options to study Hebrew, you're in luck! Whether you just want to pick up a few words of Hebrew slang and some common Hebrew phrases, whether you want to learn the Hebrew Aleph Bet and how to read and write in Hebrew, whether you want to learn how to study the Bible or pray in Hebrew, or whether you want to become fluent in conversational Hebrew, there are myriads of Hebrew-learning tools at your disposal – some for free and some at a cost.

If you are self-motivated, one of the best ways to learn Hebrew is a self-study online course which you complete at your own pace and at your own level. Some of the many other Hebrew-learning resources include English/Hebrew-Hebrew/English hardcover or online dictionaries (many of which are topic specific or have interactive features), personalized Hebrew instruction in person or online, Hebrew software, tools to learn Hebrew via audio and pictures, Hebrew-to-Hebrew teaching, Hebrew games, Hebrew songs, Hebrew radio/TV, Hebrew movies, ulpan, YouTube Hebrew instruction clips, Hebrew lessons for adults, Hebrew lessons for children, Hebrew flashcards, and many more.

To help you study the Hebrew language and impress your friends, family, and even yourself with your mastery of Hebrew vocabulary, Hebrew grammar, a Hebrew accent, and Hebrew conversational skills, the following is a brief rundown on some of the best ways to learn Hebrew.

Self-Study Learn Hebrew Online Courses

Online self-study courses are the optimal way to learn Hebrew for anyone who likes progressing at their own pace and working on a computer. Select your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) as you access extensive Hebrew reading and writing exercises helping you attain a rich Hebrew vocabulary and understanding of Hebrew grammar. Alternatively, invest in Window-based software tutorials which not only promise to teach you Hebrew quickly but include some of the best proven ways to study Hebrew, including games, songs, puzzles, Bible lessons, and so on.

Virtual Classes

Take advantage of modern technology and learn Hebrew via live video conferencing, a headset, and a microphone while you study Hebrew in small groups or via one-on-one tutoring with your own professional virtual teacher, using curriculum developed by language experts that matches your specific skill level. Enjoy the convenience of flexible hours and studying from home.


If you are a new immigrant to Israel you are eligible to benefit from an ulpan, a state-sponsored school for intensive Hebrew study specifically designed to help you integrate into Israeli society quickly and smoothly. There is an ulpan in every Israeli city and on many kibbutzim, or you can look into the latest ulpan version of Hebrew-language learning: the online ulpan or Hebrew E-learning.

Hebrew Movies

Whether you watch an English movie with Hebrew subtitles, or watch a well-known English movie in Hebrew, developing your ear to pick up a foreign language is one proven way to master new language skills. If you are already familiar with the plot and characters, your mind connects more easily to the Hebrew dialogue, and you will be amazed at how many idiomatic expressions and common words you can learn in this entertaining way.

TV/Radio and YouTube

Another fun way to learn Hebrew and to refine your existing Hebrew language skills is by watching or listening to Hebrew TV or radio programs. You can also access a growing number of YouTube instructional videos on learning Hebrew here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhyLx9nNtfc


Language experts have deemed flashcards some the best ways to learn Hebrew vocabulary, Hebrew letters, and Hebrew vowels. In addition to their convenient compact size, benefits of learning Hebrew by flashcards include the ability to test yourself, to shuffle the deck to ensure you are not reciting by rote but have actually mastered randomly presented cards, to spot connections between root words and similar words, and more.

Newsletters and Magazines

Subscribe to a free Hebrew newsletter or magazine and receive tips and tricks on how to learn Hebrew, easy-to-read Hebrew articles, and much more.

Check out the free monthly EHBS Newsletter that offer extremely useful Hebrew phrase-sheets by subject as well as quality articles for improving your Hebrew. To sign up go to: www.engheb.com

Another one we recommend is The Jerusalem Post Monthly Easy Hebrew Magazine For the Whole Family at: http://www.jpost.com/landedpages/hebrew.aspx?gclid=CO-w8rvhuKgCFQoY4QodFGfACQ

Innovative Hebrew-Learning Tools

For innovative ways to study and master the Hebrew language, consider Hebrew blogs, Hebrew podcasts, Hebrew iPhone applications, handheld electronic Hebrew dictionaries, Hebrew conjugation tables, Hebrew-English conversion charts, easy Hebrew texts, Hebrew coloring books, Hebrew jokes, Hebrew tongue twisters, Hebrew Word Search games, Hebrew Hangman, learning the Hebrew keyboard, Hebrew typing tutorials, transliterated Hebrew Bibles, Hebrew praying series, Hebrew abbreviations, Hebrew letter charts, subject-specific Hebrew glossaries, and more.

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