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Invaluable for Hebrew learners of all ages & stages, professionals, tourists, olim chadashim and vatikim, school and university students!

This one of a kind book is very popular with both english and hebrew speakers who want to learn modern Hebrew vocabulary.

260 Pages, 42 Subjects, over 10,000 modern Hebrew vocabulary terms!

Also included with your order is an audio CD with 12 hours of Hebrew vocabulary.

It is very easy and convenient to build your Hebrew vocabulary when you listen to this CD while you are working on your computer.

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Used and endorsed by the Jewish Agency, EHBS is of a high-standard, and will be enjoyed by its users for many years

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‘English Hebrew by Subject’ (EHBS) has been very well received by a number of educational institutions, amongst them the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and JFS – the biggest Jewish high school in Britain.

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How can the book help you and how is it different from a regular dictionary?

‘English Hebrew by Subject’ is the only dictionary that includes a 12-hour Audio CD of over 10,000 terms read in Hebrew and English, helping you to pronounce words correctly.

It is the only dictionary whose clear context and association-based format helps you learn new words & expand your vocabulary. It is the only dictionary that enables accurate verbal and written self-expression in every subject you need easily and effectively (as all the relevant words are together in one place).

Topics include: Tourism & Transport, Computing, Sport, Education, Clothing, Food, Health, Art, Human Body, Environment, Family & Identity, Economy, House & Real Estate, Universe, Weather, Animals, Music, Politics, Army, Sciences, Literature, Math, and more.

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What other unique features does 'English Hebrew by Subject' have?

- EHBS gives you the right word in context, eliminating confusion and enabling you to communicate with confidence.
- EHBS gives all verbs in the infinitive and 3rd person part tense, making verb conjugation simpler.
- EHBS gives all people and professionals in both masculine and feminine – taking out the guess-work!
- EHBS differentiates between US and UK terms, so that you can be sure you have found the correct meaning!


“I intend to use it both in class, as part of my teaching, and also for my students to use in their homework as part of their essay-writing, vocabulary-developing skills, and method of expression. From what I've seen, the fact that it's organized by subject is excellent, so kudos to you on the accomplishment, and I hope that we're able to see many more people learning and retaining our beloved language.” Yair Shahak, Hebrew Lecturer, Yeshiva University

“English Hebrew by Subject is a must-have reference for new Olim, students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in increasing their modern Hebrew vocabulary and in improving both their speaking and listening skills!...The audio CD alone is worth the price of the book" Simone Bonim, The Jewish Eye

“I love the dictionary (and the MP3s), and wish it had come out when I was first learning Hebrew 10 years ago.”
Brett Olenick, Learner

“An excellent book. Grouping by category makes learning language so much easier. And this book does practically a perfect job of this.... Terrific book! And having the vowels (nikud) helps immensly! Well done!... I can't tell you how much I am pleased with it.” Bradley Steinberg, Learner

“English Hebrew by Subject is a valuable addition to every personal, institutional, and professional library as well as a helpful adjunct to those who speak Hebrew and those who are learning Hebrew. Current vocabulary for all phases of life and activity are well organized and the accompanying CD makes it even more accessible. No student, teacher, or traveler to Israel should be without it.”
Dr. Wallace Greene, Director of Jewish Education, UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey

“Just want to let you know that I greatly look forward to each of your newsletters. It is always the high spot of my day when I see one of them in my e-mailbox. At first, I thought that the newsletters were simply taken from your book, which I already own, but it is a blessing to see that they are new studies, which are invariably fascinating. Thank you for providing such interesting materials for those of us who very much want to learn Hebrew! Keep up the good work!”
Y. Hess, Learner

“...Perfect for all types of Hebrew language students... I think the great thing about this Hebrew language book is the way it caters to all of these different types of students in its own way."
“The most valuable part of this book is using it in a pinch. I’ve found that when I’m straining for a quick word, it’s easy to flip to the topical section the word falls under and immediately finding the English to Hebrew translation of it”.
“With ‘English Hebrew by Subject’, I’ve found a wonderful happy medium and it’s helping to solidify the foundational words along with pushing me to learn and try words that will help me be more conversational in real life situations”.
Jami, www.ulpangordon.com

“I love it. There is a wide variety of vocabulary that can be beneficial to me. I am enjoying it very much. I also love the CD. I have it on my computer as well as my MP3 player. Great Book!” Ilene Morley, learner

“This is one FANTASTIC book. I've been reviewing it this past weekend. Brought it to Temple - Rabbi thought it was too cool. Other Hebrew teachers thought it was awesome. Very easily doable for the traveller or the technician. Nicely organized by topic. A valuable addition to any Hebrew teacher's library. Especially like the British comments!”
Jeff Friedman, Teacher Temple Beth-El, Tacoma, WA

“‘English Hebrew by Subject’ has been the answer to my prayers for learning Hebrew! It is very useful to have lists of topics laid out in both languages and especially that some specialist language has been included. I am a therapist with mental health experience so already I have been able to learn some useful terms without having to spend tedious hours searching in a regular dictionary! I know this will really help when I find a job in Israel. I am so grateful to the authors for compiling this excellent book!”. John Chacksfield, Learner

“I am just working with ‘English Hebrew by Subject’, which I find as an absolutely wonderful book. I really can’t praise it enough and recommend it!”. Zvi Silver, Learner

“It is very impressive.... I'm going to try and incorporate it in some of my courses (the most advanced ones) this term. I will also make this copy available for students to browse and familiarise themselves with it, as I think it is a great tool for self-study/independent work on both languages”. Tamar Drukker, Lecturer, SOAS

"Paired with a Hebrew Thesaurus, English to Hebrew by Subject can propel personal progress in speaking, writing and listening to Hebrew far beyond previous ulpan parameters."
Yocheved Golani, Jewish Press

“I am enjoying the book very much, it is a whole new approach I am taking to help expand my Hebrew vocabulary. I did download the phrase sheet and I am very impressed that you are continuing the book this way and I am looking forward to future newsletters and other topics you will cover". Leon Schulman, Learner

“Wow what work. Great dictionary. It is helpful because you can quickly read the subject matter and see what words are associated. I am sure this took a great deal of effort and planning. Thank you.” Joyce Kuras, Learner

“Quite accidentally, I got hold of this wonderful book. As a comparatively ‘old’ new immigrant and having quite a lot of experience of teaching in ‘olim’ classes, I fell immediately in love with this dictionary. The learner has so much material at his disposal. The dictionary really responds to the needs of teachers and students alike. Thematically organised, it enables the students to learn more productively and enrich their vocabulary as well. Hebrew speaking students will undoubtedly like it as all the subjects are systemised and there is no need to look for words elsewhere. I would strongly recommend teachers and students to buy this book. This dictionary is a must on the table of everybody studying Hebrew or English”. Rosa Shapiro, English Co-ordinator

Order now by Credit Card or by PayPal, and the book will be shipped to you within 1-2 business days.


We are confident you are going to love EHBS, and therefore offer you a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Just $32.95 - With Free Shipping


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